Samsung Secure Folder

How to Works and Recover of Samsung Secure Folder 2022

Samsung Secure Folder: What It Is, How It Works And Recover

Don’t know what the Samsung Secure folder is?

Don’t worry; I’m here for you to tell in detail,

One of the best security features of the Korean company’s mobile phone is La Samsung’s Secure Folder. A private and unique place where we can store these files and sensitive information, photos, or bank details that you don’t want anyone to see.

We will explain the special features of Samsung mobile phones one by one. It’s a completely different mobile phone from Samsung’s advanced security platform KNOX. However, it enjoys a good reputation and can bring these phones to the enterprise.

What is Samsung Secure Folder?

The way to protect Samsung’s specific files is Security Folder. It is designed as a secure vault where we can keep our personal information without worrying about access to other users.

In other words, a Unique feature and advanced technology of Samsung phones is Secure Folder; it is an encrypted space where users can store files, videos, photos, and applications. It’s like a personal safe on your phone. You can be sure that all your files are safe and that no one can access them without your knowledge.

Secure Folder

Initially, this feature was provided by Samsung Knox. At the moment, it is pre-installed on Samsung smartphones like the latest Galaxy and Note series.

I think I can explain it to you properly if I can’t. No problem, I’m here for you. Read below.

How to use Secure Folder?

One of the other benefits of Secure folders is that you can duplicate your targeted backup files. A Samsung account is required for all backups. This is also the account required for the first configuration of the secure folder.

I created a Samsung account. Make sure you’ve done it if you have a Samsung phone.

Now Follow my steps,

  • Settings > Biometrics and Security > Secure FolderTapping will initiate different screens to sign in with a Samsung account.
  • Now we have a Secure Folder available.

After launching the secure folder, you can easily install or copy applications, add files from mobile, and save them properly. In other words, after installing the basic application, there is a button to add files and another button to add applications. Remember that when you start the first time of Secure Folder, it should be started on a mobile device.

You can use this account for backups on any other Samsung mobile from now on.

How to Backup Samsung Secure Folder Data?

The secure folder feature is the first time for many users, and they don’t know how to add their backup folders to it.

For those users, please follow the instructions gradually :

  • Open Samsung Secure Folder.
  • Press on the Menu 
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Press on the Add account.
  • Then, enter the username and password of your Samsung account> press the Sign In Button. If you haven’t a Samsung account, then register for it. I repeat, it must be required for your Backup. Follow atop
  • Next, select Backup Safe Folder Data.
  • Next, choose the targeted file you have to back up (such as contacts, photos, videos, calendars, music, notes, apps, etc.) and press the Backup now button.
  • This will back up all the data to Samsung Cloud from Samsung Secure Folder.

Note: You need to log in to your Samsung cloud account for the Backup and restore feature. Note that it will save the latest Backup in the cloud. It cannot take backups from your mobile when automatic Backup is turned off. For continuous automatic backups within 24 hours, first, you must have the backup function turned on and your mobile connected to Wi-Fi.

So by following these steps, you can easily Recover Samsung Secure Folders from your Samsung phone.

How To Recover Deleted or Encrypted Files From Samsung Secure Folder?

Did you lose your essential files from Samsung Secure Folder?

Are you looking to recover files from Samsung Secure Folder?

I know; when such an unexpected situation happens to you, many questions may come to your mind.

This is especially true for deleting important images and how to get them back.

But you don’t have to worry about that situation anymore.

I’m here to help you out of any complicated data loss situation.

In this blog, I have talked about Samsung Secure Folder, including saving files in Samsung Secure Folder. Now, I will tell you how to recover or turn back deleted or encrypted files from Samsung Secure Folder.

So let’s find out more below.

Is It Possible To Turn Back Or Recover Corrupted Files In A Secure Folder?

Yes, it can recover corrupted files from the Secure folder.

But it would help if you took precautions.

You should make sure that all your recent files are backed up in a secure folder and that they are safe.

If you fail to get the files back from the folder, you will need to use a recovery program like Samsung Photo Recovery.

But to successfully restore a Samsung Safe Folder, you should stop using your phone and do not store any new data in it.

If this is done, the new data will corrupt the old, and we will never find the old data.

For Recover Your Targeted Files

  • First, open the MENU and click on Backup and Restore.
  • Then click on the Restore option.
  • From the interface, choose the file you want.
  • At last, click Restore Now.



  • How To Create Strong Security?


Strong passwords mean defense against unauthorized access to your Secure Folder and personal information. You should maintain strong passwords for all accounts on your devices.

Let’s see how to create strong security for our Samsung Secure Folder.

  • Go to Settings > pick Biometrics and security.
  • Press Secure Folder>  Go with all the terms of Security Folder.
  • Give your Samsung account ID and password, then press the Sign In button.
  • Choose a strong lock method and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. For more safety, you can add your Biometrics and iris to unlock security folders for convenience.


  • How To Recover Our Deleted Or Encrypted Files From Samsung Secure Folder Without Backup?


When you don’t have a backup and files are important, you should use a strong recovery tool like Android Data Recovery.

Yes, this is a professional tool by that you can recover your encrypted or lost files from Samsung Secure Folder.

Whether your files are lost or deleted, using this recovery program will surely restore a secure folder easily.

Not just photos, but other data such as videoscontactsdocumentsmusiccalendars, and much more are recovered.

This software is the best option for those who want to know how to recover encrypted files from Samsung Secure folder or how to recover Samsung Secure folder.

So without any delay, download the software and easily recover encrypted files from Samsung Secure Folder.


  • How To Reset Forgotten Lock Code For Samsung Secure Folder?


If you forget it, you will need to replace your Secure folder unlock code using your Samsung account.

  • Settings > Biometrics and security > press Secure Folder.
  • Look below and Reset it by pressing Forget Pin Button.
  • Enter the password for your Samsung account.
  • Press Continue after selecting a different unlock code or pattern.

Note: If you have lost both your Secure Lock and Samsung account passwords, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung Support.


  • Can I Set Auto-Lock For Samsung Secure Folder?


Yes, you can follow the methods.

First, go to Settings > Biometrics and security > press Secure Folder.

Then, press Auto lock Secure Folder.

And then choose a lock option.

To lock your Secure Folder manually, go to More OptionsLock, and Exit.


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