How to Utilize Your Time Effectively As A Business Owner

That friend who hasn’t seen you in 6 years suddenly remembers to visit you. So he says to himself: ‘’ I’ve got to see Chris today. It’s been six long years now; I think it’d be fit to see him this Monday’’. And you are getting prepared for Monday hassles.

Planning and allocating your time, and just before you get to the office, you meet your friend who says, ‘’ Wow! Chris, nice to see you–I’ve been waiting for you’’.

And of course, you gave him a chunky hug, patting him on the back and taking him straight right into your office. And you guys end up discussing for 5 hours.

Now, that’s a lack of time management.

Time management is the major route to every entrepreneur’s success. However, as a business owner, you need to be mindful of how you spend your time.

Learn to allocate time to each task. Don’t give room for distractions

If that long-time old friend of yours suddenly sees you in the office, allocate some time ( it could be 10 or 20 minutes) to talk to him. Let him know that you’re busy, and you’d appreciate it if he could summarize his points.

Don’t give room for people to distract you. Mind you; you’re a business owner, not an MTN customer service representative.

Spend your time wisely.

If you’ve been struggling with keeping to a deadline of your projects, it may be because of the lack of time management. So, without mincing words, here’re some ways to manage your time effectively.

Set Goals.

Setting goals is one major character or attribute of every successful business owner. One way to combat stress to managing your time best is to break your goals into simple, manageable chunks.

What do I mean?

Divide your tasks into pieces and take a detailed, step-by-step approach to complete the overall task.

Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming to handle a huge task; that’s why breaking them into smaller ones helps you keep track of your progress and gives you hints on how much is left to do.

Take A Break…. It’s important

Not taking a break may lead to stress and decreased productivity. Planning a break for at least half an hour a day after/before lunch will help you be more productive.

The best way to go about this is by planning what you’re going to do after your launch break and deciding to stick to schedule.

You’ll find that taking some time off to relax after work will help you be more active and productive.

Set Deadlines

This is important, and trust me, I’ve found that setting deadlines and breaking my day into tasks helps me eliminate distractions.

Set deadlines and break your tasks if you want to be more productive as a business owner. Keep to your deadlines and give adequate time to complete each task.

Make A-To-Do-List

What’re to-do lists?

It’s just a way to keep track of what you’ve done and to prioritize your responsibilities.

Making to-do lists not only helps you keep track of how much you’ve done but gives you a detailed analysis of the number of tasks accomplished and gives proof that you’re making progress for the day.

Here’s What To Do At The End Of Each Day:

At the end of each day, cross-check your to-do list.

What were you able to achieve during the day? Write them down, and mark the tasks you could not accomplish. Also, write tasks for the next day and place them on the wall or somewhere visible.

Ignore phone calls

Yeah… Trust me, if you reduce the speed and rate at which you answer phone calls, you’ll find that the rate at which you get distracted during work will reduce. So if you’re too busy to answer calls, tell your contacts to text instead of calling you.

Why do you keep answering calls and pinging your BBM contacts?

Don’t be a Blackberry fanatic. Refuse to be a social network addict. Instead, make good use of your time. You’re a business owner; 


Time Is Precious. It’s a Gift from God to Mankind. 

Are you a good timekeeper? If you want to become a more productive business owner, then implement these tips. Don’t watch TV all day or gossip.

Well, use your time.

Manage your time, work hard, and become a more productive business owner.

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