How to Enchant People To Visit Your Website, And Force Them To Stay!  

‘’How can I attract more website visitors?

How can I convert new customers into loyal coordinates?’’

This is the question I get asked by some business owners who’re frustrated at the lack of business their website brings to them.

Before I move on with the main subject of this post, I’d like to ask you a question, and I want a sincere answer:

Is your website filled with captivating Content? I’m not referring to a 300-word blog post; I mean an 800 to a thousand-word content backed with images.

If you answered NO to the above question, it’s about time you work on your website content because that’s the main tool you need to convert new customers into prospective clients.

That’s the secret to building a successful online business. That’s the tool Brian Clark and award-winning web content writer: Carol Tice used to build an online business that pulls in 4-7 figures monthly!

Write Captivating Content  

I love good Content. I don’t know about you. Everyone is a fan of well-written and researched Content.

Fill your website with compelling and relevant content, and you’ll grab people’s attention. That’s the only way to enchant online visitors.

If you’re not a good writer or don’t just have the time for it, you can consider hiring a content writer.

You can hire me. I’m a web content writer specializing in crafting captivating Content that converts new visitors into loyal clients.

Optimize Your Content For The Search Engines…

If the search engine spiders can’t find your content, it’s as good as dead. But, I mean, what’s the essence of writing ‘’information-packed’’ Content that cannot be found in search engines?

If you’re not a good SEO content writer, then it’s about time you hire one.

There’re several SEO content writers on the web today. But if you don’t know how to go about hiring an SEO content writer, contact me, or type the following search engine queries in the search engines):

  1. ” SEO content writers wanted‘‘
  2. ”Best content writers”
  3.  ”SEO. content writing”
  4. ”Content writing services”
  5. ”SEO content writing”
  6. ”SEO content writer resume”
  7. ”SEO content writer salary”
  8. SEO content writer jobs.”
  9. ”Web content writer”
  10. ”SEO content writing service”
  11. Guest Blog

What is guest blogging?

It simply means: contributing quality content to other websites with a link back to your blog. It’s that simple and effective. But unfortunately, most website owners go about it the wrong way. If you want to record effective results using guest blogging, then it’s about time you start pitching and contributing to high-ranked blogs in your niche.

If you’re not a good guest blogger, contact me. I can effectively handle your company’s guest blogging project. My rates are affordable.

Tip: remember, plenty of top PR websites are hungry for Content and will be more than happy to link back to your site with your Content.

Run a Quiz

I love competitions. I guess you do, too. This is a great way to attract recent visitors to your website.

If you’re giving a product or service for free, advertise the quiz or competition on Google or Facebook Ads. You can also try your local business magazine. This works well.

Imitate Bill Gates. 

Did I say that? Well, we all know that the Microsoft billionaire is a recognized philanthropist. He’s worth emulating. Emulate him. Give freebies.

Become an online philanthropist.

Freebies are a great way to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Tip: print your website URL and brand name on the free stuff you give away.

Create A Blog And Publish interesting Content

A blog can be a useful way to add new content to your website. Write interesting blog posts. Posts that are appealing to your market. People will come back if they find regularly updated and well-written blog posts.

Hire A Full-Time Web Content Writer

If you’re a busy online business owner, hire a web content writer who’ll churn out quality content regularly.

Contact me if you need well-written blog posts and website content.

I’m currently available for hire!


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