Top Freezer VS Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Are you looking to buy a freezer refrigerator? Top Freezer VS Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Which One Should I Buy?

If that is the case, you’re probably looking at the cost and freezer size, right?

These two are critical considerations, and you’re right to consider them.

However, soon you’ll realize another critical factor to consider.

Do you want the freezer at the bottom or at the top? There are pros and cons to both refrigerators.

Top Freezer Vs. Bottom Freezer Comparison

A top freezer refrigerator, just as the name suggests, has the freezer located at the top, while the bottom freezer refrigerator, on the other hand, has the freezer located at the bottom.

So, what is the best choice?

You need to consider the freezer spaces for both refrigerators. For example, bottom freezers have more storage space and better organizations.

Pros and Cons of a Top Freezer

A top freezer is a traditional choice for most homes. You’ve probably seen it in a friend’s home. What’s more, top freezer refrigerators feature timeless designs that leave your kitchen looking great.

Do looks matter? I’ll let you decide that! However, I know you want a practical and useful refrigerator that meets your storage needs.

When you consider your budget and people in the house, a top freezer refrigerator might be an excellent option. Just in case you decide on the top freezer, you want to make sure you’ve made the right decision.

Let’s dive in and see the pros and cons of the top freezer.

Pros of a top freezer

Energy efficient

If energy consumption is a big issue, then a top freezer is a great choice. While specific energy usage and Energy Star ratings might vary from one model to another, top freezers are energy efficient.

The difference is not huge. You can save around $10 annually with a top freezer as opposed to bottom freezers.

The US Department of Energy statistics shows top freezer refrigerators consume between 10-25% less energy than those with bottom freezers. If energy bills are a great concern for you, then consider a top freezer refrigerator.

Is it affordable?

Apart from the energy savings, top freezer refrigerators are cheap. This is a great consideration for customers on a budget. You can easily get an entry-level refrigerator with a top freezer for as low as $350.

If you have a clear budget, making a decision on the right refrigerator can be easier. The difference can be as little as a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

More usable space

Top freezer refrigerators tend to have more usable space. More usable space doesn’t mean they have more storage space!

Let’s take a closer look! Bottom freezer refrigerators have drawers that occupy the wide-open space. This is something lacking in top freezers. You can fit as many items as possible on a top freezer and fill every space to the last inch.

Easy access to the freezer

A top freezer is easily accessible without bending. You can open the freezer and access food inside without bending and straining your back.

What’s more, freezers at the top are usually at eye level. You get to observe and pick specific items at a go.


Lastly, top freezer refrigerators are space-saving compared to side-by-side refrigerators. Most top freezers feature a customizable design and can fit in tight-spaced kitchens.

If you live in apartments with a small kitchen, then consider a top-freezer refrigerator.

The Cons

With several advantages, the top freezer refrigerator might sound the real deal! But wait, there are a few cons you need to be aware of. Let’s have a look.

Small storage and less organization

In spite of having more usable space, top freezers are generally small and lack organization options. There are no built-in organizers, something that makes food storage and organization challenges. You probably want to keep everything in the freezer in order.

However, this is not easy with most top freezers featuring a wide-open space. You simply have to fit everything without any proper organization.

The trendy design does not improve functionality.

Top freezer refrigerators feature a classic traditional style that looks great on most homes. This might attract most people and sway their purchase decision. However, the design does not make the refrigerator any better.

Pros and Cons of a Bottom Freezer

If you’re looking for functionality, a bottom freezer refrigerator is the better option. Why? It has a better organization and more storage space. However, be prepared to spend more!

The Pros of a Bottom Freezer

Easy fridge access

While the freezer is at the bottom and one has to bend to access it, the fridge is kept at eye level. So, what do you use on a daily basis, the fridge or the freezer?

I know most people open and use the fridge frequently.

The freezer is opened once a day or after a few days. With the freezer moving to the bottom, the fridge occupies the easily accessible space at the top.

This simply means it’s a lot easier to access food at eye level without straining your back.

Convenient use and storage

Additionally, bottom freezers offer convenient storage and use due to built-in organizers and pullout baskets. Most feature organizing baskets and shelves that ensure food is stored in an orderly manner. You don’t have to put your hand inside to remove a specific item.

There are pullout baskets that make storage and access quite easy. What’s more, bottom freezers are generally bigger than top freezers. If you have a bigger family, they are great choices that can store family-sized meals.


Bottom freezers are also space-saving and ideal for small-spaced kitchens. This is one con they share with top-freezers. They are great alternatives when you need more storage space but are limited to kitchen space. Unlike side-by-side fridges, bottom freezers feature a small footprint and can fit in tight spaces.

Variable temperature settings

This is a great feature found in most new models of refrigerators. Just above the freezer, the fridges feature a pullout drawer with adjustable temperature settings. The drawer is used to store beverages and water bottles, eliminating the need for a beverage fridge.

You can have different temperature settings on the drawer and main fridge compartment. It is a great feature to consider when you need to store beverages and water bottles.

The price

This is probably the biggest con to owning a bottom freezer refrigerator. While the cost is dependent on the size and model, most bottom refrigerators are generally expensive.

Let’s take, for instance, the basic LG freezer refrigerator for a top and bottom model. The price difference can range from 100-200 dollars. However, when you want a bigger model with ice makers and French doors, the price difference can be a whopping $600 or more!

Not energy efficient

Most bottom freezers feature French door access for the fridge. The door design is usually attractive but not energy efficient. You might have to spend a little more on your energy bills. The cost difference is small, but in the end, you’re paying more for your energy bills than people using a top freezer refrigerator.

What’s more, the bottom freezer is close to the compressor. This forces it to work harder to keep cooler.

Is the top freezer or bottom freezer better?

There is no obvious winner with the freezers standing out in specific areas. For example, bottom freezer fridges are better when you consider refrigeration and best freezer storage.

However, top freezers become an outright winner when you compare the energy efficiency and easy freezer access. You need to consider your needs and choose a suitable freezer.

Why are top freezer refrigerators cheaper?

Top freezer refrigerators are cheaper because they are a little small and don’t come with built-in organizers. The freezers also lack pull-out baskets. Their compressors are also small, making them energy efficient and easy to operate.

Most top freezers lack high-end features found in bottom freezers, making them cheaper. What’s more, the freezer capacity is also limited compared to bottom freezers.

Are top freezer refrigerators more reliable?

Top freezer refrigerators are more reliable since they consume less energy and are easy to operate. What’s more, the overall operating costs are cheaper. It is also easy to maintain top freezers as opposed to bottom freezers.

Additionally, these freezers feature simple ice makers located in the freezer compartment. You’ll be getting great value for money buying a top freezer for a small family.

What is the advantage of a bottom freezer refrigerator?

The main advantage of a bottom freezer refrigerator is easy fridge access. Moving the refrigerator to the bottom keeps the fridge at eye level. It becomes a lot easier grabbing commonly used items like milk, produce, and cheese.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I prefer a refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom since I utilize the refrigerator section more often. The design keeps the refrigerator at chest level, where I can locate everything with ease. However, this does not mean you choose a bottom refrigerator. Top freezer refrigerators are also great and come with several benefits.

Go ahead and consider your typical usage and needs before deciding on a refrigerator type that serves your needs well. Take into consideration your budget, refrigerator energy rating, and space at home before making a purchase decision.

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