How To Build A Responsive Audience Like Colonel Harland Sanders

Here’s the story of how a 65-year-old man rose from poverty at age 65 to create the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, serving over 15 million customers daily across the globe, and how you too can develop his strategy to build an active blog audience.

At age 65, it’s difficult for most people to believe they can still succeed in life. They’d probably resign to fate and live with difficulties, hoping the government or corporate bodies would help them throughout the rest of their lives.

But this was not so for Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO: Colonel Harland Sanders; who found himself without a business and completely broke at 65, recharged his inner batteries and created the Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise; which is now known as the world’s largest chicken chain, with operations in over 109 countries.

In 1929, Harland opened a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky. He cooked for his lovely family. He was a man who loved cooking. Because of the increase in demand for his cooking, Colonel opened his first restaurant in a small front room of his gas station.

In recognition of his contributions to the state’s cuisine, Kentucky’s governor then, Ruby Laffoon, gave Sanders an honorary Kentucky Colonel title. In 1937, Sanders added a motel to this restaurant, becoming the first motel owner in Kentucky and expanding the restaurant to about 142 seats.

Sander’s business was growing fast in response to his great cooking skill. However, in 1955, an interstate highway was built to bypass Corbin. This left sanders with no customers to patronize anymore, and at 65, he was totally out of business!

After selling the service station, he was broke, and he decided within him to sell off his business, and within ten years, he had over 700 franchises in Canada and the United States. With 17 employees, Sanders traveled over 200,000 miles in one year promoting “Kentucky Friend Chicken ” and making a net profit of $300,000.

In 1964, Kentucky Friend Chicken was expanding for Sanders to handle. So he flipped the company for $2 million and a yearly salary of $40,000, which later increased to $200,000 for public appearances.

In three years of taking over, Kentucky Fried had transformed from a one-person business into a mega-corporation. In fact, within those three years, the company had over 50 outlets n 50 states.

On December 16, 1980, after seven months of fighting Leukemia, Harland Sanders died.

An international survey ranked him the world’s most recognized celebrity.

KFC’S international business prospered even more than it did in the US. In fact, in 1992, the company’s profit grew to a tune of $86 million.

Although Colonel Sanders is no more, KFC has continued to keep his unique chicken taste alive for millions of customers worldwide.

How To Use Harland Sander’s Strategy To Build A Loyal and Responsive Audience

Use Power Words…

Make your audience know you’re talking to them. Use personal words such as “you and your” to engage your readers and make them feel unique.

The internet is saturated with hundreds of blogs blogging the same stuff daily, so making your visitors feel relaxed is vital in ensuring they return.

Here’s a quick example of a powerful statement and standard text

Standard text: To become a successful business owner, you must practice time management.

Powerful statement: Do you want to become an established business owner? Then learn the art of time management!

Do you notice the difference between the two? Which one sounds compelling? The second, right?

Good. Here’s my advice: when addressing your readers, approach them from different angles but ensure you use words that make them feel special…

• Guest write on relevant blogs in your niche and make it known to your readers by sharing on your Facebook fan page or wall

• Encourage comments, post relevant questions that instigate response to cultivate blooming discussions.

• Encourage social bookmarking.

• Give incentives. Give free reports from time to time, hold surveys, do things that’ll make your readers happy.

• Stay positive, and remain confident at all times!

Answer questions…

Your readers see you as an expert, so you’ll be the first person they’ll turn to if they’ve any questions or challenges.

If they do email or approach you with questions, don’t leave them hanging.

Please do your best and answer their potential queries. This will gain their trust and boost your credibility. They’ll begin to see you as an expert.

Keep It Short and Concise

As humans, we naturally read and process information in manageable chunks.

You have a long, drawn-out paragraph that clumps the reader’s interest. When writing your blog post, be thoroughly clear, concise, and efficient. Keep it short and SWEET.

Don’t preach. Go straight to the point.

Pro tip: if you want to boost your search rankings and readership base, try including numbered lists and sized passages. These will keep them wanting more… TRUST ME!

How To Compel Your Old And New Visitors To Stay Longer And Return

• Revamp your “about me” page.

• Identify your target audience and tailor your content to meet their needs

• Remove frustrating graphics and pop-ups.

• Provide fresh content frequently and incrementally.

• Ensure your blog loads fast. Host your site with reputable hosting companies like Hostgator and Westhost

• Increase credibility and transparency by providing background information about yourself and your company

• Encourage comments and suggestions. Make your blog a democratic BLOG.

• Create a unique selling or value proposition. Be different from your competitors. Do the things they don’t do…

Audience Takeaway!

Do you’ve any tips you can share with us on how you stay connected to your readers? Then, let me know what you think in the comments section.

Thanks for reading….


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