11 Smart ways to organize your Washer and Dryer

Whether it’s your worst or best chore, laundry days are a must in every household. Whichever the case, preparing for the day beforehand sets the mood for what’s to come. And one of the best ways is keeping your laundry space well-arranged and elegant. 

Here are some of the best ways to organize your washer and dryer.

Use a Magnetic Rack

If your laundry room is small, you need to be creative in organizing everything. Your home has to remain stylish, and poking holes in the walls isn’t cool at all. Instead, invest in magnetic organizing racks, which you can comfortably stick to either side of your washer and dryer.

They come in various sizes, colors, and designs, so you’ll find something that matches your preference. They’re also pretty affordable. Use the rack to arrange your washing supplies and everything you need off the floor and washing area counter (if any).

Get a Lint and Treasure Bin

Sometimes getting a fitting garbage can in your laundry space is impossible. It could be because of insufficient space, or you don’t want it in your way. In this case, you can alternatively purchase a magnetic lint and treasure bin to cater to your waste needs. It’s a two-in-one set.

You can also make one using a brochure holder!

Like the magnetic rack, you can stick it on the side of your washer and dryer. The bin comes in handy for any small fabric wastes that you can get rid of later. On the other hand, the treasure bin holds valuable items, such as coins, buttons, keys, and many others, found in the pockets as you prepare your clothes for washing.

Frame Dryer Racks to the Wall

Use the wall above your washer to mount a few dryer racks. This will save you some floor space to store other things or make movement easy. If you’re working in a limited space, foldable dryer racks make a perfect choice. You can always fold them up when not used to give you ample washing and folding time.

There are various options in the current market, so you get to choose according to your needs.

Ample Counter Space and Clothes Rod

The best part about this is that you can do it as your DIY project or get the counter space done by a professional. Then you can purchase a hanging rod and add it to the counter. This will save you some ironing and organizing time.

Use a hanger to hang your shirts and coats as soon as you get them out of the dryer. You’ll get less wrinkled clothes to iron/steam. And even so, they won’t require much effort.

You can also use this as your drip-dry zone for delicate clothes.

The shelves above will also be useful in storing your laundry room essentials.

Simple Washer and Dryer Shelf

Get those bleach bottles, detergent boxes, and all washing-room necessities out of your way.

Fix a small shelf in the space just above your washer and dryer. Use your handyman skills to screw basic shelf brackets into your wall, and fix the board.

Reduce that Liquid Detergent Mess

Most dripless washing liquid detergents tend to drip a little; no matter your tight, you seal them. To avoid the drops from falling on your washer and dryer or across the room, find a good storage position.

A shelf at the corner of your laundry tub will be a perfect spot. Get an aluminum angle, and glue it to the tub to support the front part of the detergent container. You can now place the container on the narrow horizontal surface for the drops to fall right into the tub.

Attach a Folding Station

Get a plywood waterfall countertop and mount it over your front load washer and dryer. You can implement this DIY project using wood screws, which you can easily order online.

Once done, place a laundry basket at the top. To complement your décor, woven baskets make an ideal pick.

You can also add a few plant pots to complete the look.

Plus, if you like folding your clothes while watching your favorite show/movie, get an organizer with wheels for convenience.

Get a Lean Rolling Laundry Cart

Make use of that space between your washer and dryer as a storage point for your washing supplies. Purchase a custom slim rolling cart that will perfectly fit within the space.

But to avoid disappointments, ensure to get the measurements right. You can also use some wood glue and plywood to make one independently.

Keep the Iron Board in a Drawer

Get your clothes iron/steamer off your washer. Instead, get a pull-out vanity ironing board with a drawer, and place it in the small space next to your washer and dryer. It will not only save you space but also saves you time.

You won’t have to run to the closet to get your ironing board out whenever there’s some ironing to be done. Also, you get to store your iron in there, making it a double win. Plus, you can store other stuff on top of the drawer!

Hang the Iron Board

Use the remaining space next to your washer/dryer as a hanging point for your ironing board. How? Mount some wall hooks to the wall, and get the device out of your way. You get to save space, keep the room neat, and accessorize your décor!

Invest in a Laundry Guard

Ever tried to locate a lost pair of socks without success, only to find it at the back of your washer when moving? A laundry guard saves you this headache. It ensures all your dry clothes stay in one place until you move them.


Doing your laundry doesn’t always have to be a love-hate affair. Sometimes, the only change of attitude you need lies in how well organized your space is. The above tips can usher you and your washer into a peaceful relationship. So do try them out, and share your thoughts in the comment section!

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